Thursday, July 31, 2008

If You Didnt Know?

Well if you hadn't noticed my little kashlee has a bump on her forehead. No she didn't hit it and I don't beat my kid. When kashlee was about 3 months old one day she had a red dot on her eyebrow. I watched it for a couple of days and decided to take her to the doctor. So I made a appointment and went to see the doctor. Right away he said that it was a hemangeoma. It is when a bunch of blood vessels collect under the skin and causes it to make a bump. We see a ped. plastic surgeon every three months. Hes a really good doctor, and we trust him alot. He said that it should be gone by the time she is 6. Just in time for kindergarten. We have to be really careful with it because she could hit it and bleed really bad. And if she does we go to the ER!!! So it does look like she hit it really bad and that it hurts, But she didn't hit it and it doesn't hurt her at all. But I don't mind talking about it and just ask me any questions, I love talking about something that might help someone else someday.
We think she is the most beautiful baby we have ever seen. Boy do we love her. So also in the process we saw a eye doctor to have her eye checked out and we found out that she is severely far sighted, just like her dad!! So in Oct. she gets to wear eye glasses. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!!!!!!


Well summer is about to end and school begins. Justin will be in the 3rd. Grade, I cant believe it. He has grown up so much in the last year. He is such a good brother and he loves her so much. He has been so much good help this summer, I don't know what I will do when he goes back to school. Well my wonderful friends have got me addicted to the most wonderful and exciting book I have ever read. You guessed it TWILIGHT. Boy I cant put it down!! It's been fun!!! Well life is going good and we just trug along. Well you wont believe what happened, Well when we got our pictures of the beach, we used Cim's camera. So I took my sd card so that I would have them and not have to get them from anybody. Well I stuck it in my pocket and thought to my self, " when you get home take it out!" Well as you can guess I didn't. I washed it in the washer when we got home. So I air dried it out and as you can tell it worked and so I have been scared to put it in my camera. So sorry for all the up to date pictures.