Sunday, April 12, 2009

More things

Well we again have been up to alot. Kashlee had her first visit to the ER!! She fell off a big step at her aunts house and hit her head really hard. She cried alot but then started to act ok. Well about an hour and a half later she started to throw up and crying alot. So the dr's office told me to take her in since the dr's were all out to lunch. Long story short she had a CT scan and everything was good. Grandma and grandpa alder showed up to give mom and dad some support.

We also had a great Easter. It was so cold, rainy, and APRIL. But we got an Easter egg hunt in and a picnic before we had to go home because it was so cold.

We had FHE at the park the other night, the kids feed the ducks, had KFC, and had races on there bikes going down hill. You should have seen there smiles, they had so much fun. We will have to do that again.