Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crazy Summer

Gosh is the summer really gone?? According to the weather people it is now Fall, I coul'nt be happier. Well this past summer was a busy one. We had alot going on. We decied to go ahead and to do invitro. We called our dr, made the appt. and within about 2 months we transfered 3 embros. So drum role....... We are now expecting our third baby in May. We are so happy that smart people made it possible for us to continue our family. We are so blessed. So morning and night sickness has set in but its all good. And thankyou all for the prayers, fasting, and support we got from all our family and friends. Bacause we did invitro as a frozen cycle I have to have shots every day because of the process, my friend gives them to me every morning. So we have had lots of play days with our best friend park, swimming, and picnics. We have had some fun days.
Justin also started school, he is in the 4th grade. He loves his teacher, we love her to. Kashlee was so sad to say goodby to her budddy, she had to wear her backpack to take him to school, even if it is a McDonalds food backpack. I promise to be better at bloging, and keeping intouch.