Friday, June 5, 2009

The best Gift

Ok so what do you get when you have this......

He makes this for you......

And you are so lucky because you have waited for it since your 8th wedding anniversary. I is so awesome, I am so lucky, cause I have him! Thanks babe!!

Biggest Loser

Back in January I said that I was joining a weight loss group, and the person that lost the most would win big money!! GUESS WHAT!!! I WONNNNN!!!!!!! I lost 25 pounds and feel so good. I won some money and got to buy some new clothes and pants that are 5 sizes down. YA HOOOO!! Love it. I have been so scared to take any pictures yet. Cause I don't see it yet. I still think I am FAT!! We are working on that, I know silly huh.

Where have I Been?

Yes I am needing to update my blog and things have been crazy.
First our ward had a rodeo night, they had games and food and lots of fun for the family. Kashlee was in a horse race and lost but won as the cutes one of all.

They had steer dressing and was persuaded to go and got beat up in all the fun. It was a good laugh.

And things have been just bizarre, Kashlee and her new goggles, outings with silly friends,
New girl cousins { Sharleen had a baby girl the day before kashlee's and cim had her baby in may} Morgan and Cheyanne. {sorry cheyanne's picture is upside down} Love of chocolate ice cream and smiles form cute girls.