Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good Times

Ok so my sister said that I needed to post Happy times. So fine here we go, just kidding. So we really have been so busy.... Justin and JJ have been busy doing baseball. JJ coached this years team, they were the Braves. a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_woMzbMFVjRw/TDPLgHHNv6I/AAAAAAAAAVc/asBkKfw9bT4/s1600/Lake+018.JPG">
They had so much fun and finished the season with a WIN!! They were so good. We went to phoenix for the 4Th of July fireworks. My dad runs these buildings in Tempe so we went up the the 12Th floor right over the Tempe town lake were they set them up right on the bridge
. They were right in front of us. And of course we all had matching shirts. Got to love old navy!! We also took the kids, my parents and my sister and her family to the phoenix children's museum, the kids loved it!!
There was so much for the kids to do, and we could have spent the whole day there but the adults were tired, tired! We will have to do it again. Well the day a finally come... Kashlee got her glasses!! And boy does she look CUTE!!
Now half the battle is keeping them on her, Bribery in inevitable. Someday we hopefully wont have to fight her. Well summer is almost halfway over, We have done lots of swimming. We went to the lake two weekends ago with JJ's family. We bought a camper that had a/c, borrowed a boat and came home with sun burns.