Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday Girl!

I am a little late in telling this, Kahlees Birthday was on Monday. She turned the wonderful age of 2!! Me and my friend Stephanie and her kids went to Tucson for the day. We took them shopping at target and then to Chucky Cheese. They had so much fun. When we got home we went to dinner where all her cousins came and parted with her. But one cousin wasn't there, She has a new girl cousin that was born the day before, so was in the hospital with her mom. We then went back to the house and had birthday cake and opened presents. A very long, happy, fun, exciting Day. Happy birthday my sweet princess. We waited so long for you to come to our family, and it seems like you have always been here. Thank you for the brightness and excitement you have brought to our family. We love you more then you can ever know!!

Things we have been up to!

We have gone and gone and haven't stoped. Justin had pine wood derby and sad to say he didn't win. Last year we had to go to district because he did win. So he was a little sad but it was healthy competitions.

Then we had spring break, We left on wed. afternoon and went to jodi's softball game. The next day we took justin to the science center where we saw the news guy from channel 12 there, but we didn't make it on the news.
After that we went to the phoenix zoo, justin had so much fun. Kashlee wasn't to into the zoo, but when we saw the horses she was in heaven. Like we don't see horses everyday! We felt so bad for her because she was so sick, we had to take her to the urgent care, she had double ear infections, fever, runny nose all of it. But we are back to normal now. Well then on Friday me and kashlee went shopping with my sister and mom. Justin and JJ went to peter piper pizza and to a movie. We came home on sat. for sharleens baby shower. We had a fun weekend even though we went to the urgent care.