Wednesday, April 23, 2008

EaRs and BotTLes

Kashlee has always loved to play with her ears. This has always been a problem from the beginning. She had an ear infection and we didn't know because she always plays with them. Its always when she is tired, mad, or just chillin out. Her hand just go right to the ear. Hers are not the only one either, ours are at risk too. At Christmas we took some cousins pictures and there where her hand right on her ears. I think its the cutest thing. Her little quirk. Then there is her bottle I think we are going to have a hard time taking it away. She is aways asking for it. I only give her juice in a sippy cup, so she knows what a sippy cup is. But I know things will get rough when we start taking it away. Boy oh Boy!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Boy Has time flown by. Its amazing how I never thought that I would someday have a 8 year old son. And I never thought that he would someday be a big brother no less. He is so loving to his little sister and would bend over back words for her. She can come knock him over the head and he shakes it off and gives her a hug. If that was my little sister she would pay for that one. Yet we have our challenges with kids stuff, we are not perfect and are learning everyday, life is still fun. He is so smart, which I am so glad. Help full when hes in the mood, loving when things go his way, and an amazing child to me. I Love my Buster brown.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


lately JJ has been driving his dads semi's to work and picking up a load of copper and then at times driving it to Miami. So on some days we as a family go with him. We pack lots of snacks and the ever important DVD player, blankets, and toys. Well lately Kashlee has started to give kisses and makes it a game. Too cute, we just love to play along. So I was sitting in the seat and the game began. Kiss after sweet kiss, she wouldn't stop. JJ had to take the funniest picture ever. Being in the truck was so hard for kashlee, because she loves her dad. That weekend was conference weekend and she never left her daddy side. So to see him right next to her just killer her litterly torture, she cried till she fell asleep. Cant blame the girl.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


JJ, Steven, Chauncy, and His dad have been working on building an arena on this land that they call the 4 aces. Many Saturdays and evenings have been put into making the best alder arena there is. So on Saturday after a long day of working of on the arena they finally got to put the cows there and attempt to teach them what to do. The cows don't have any idea what they are in for! To make things more fun for everyone, the girl are looking for a swing set for the kids to play on and to stay out of the way and have something to do besides playing in the mud. And justin is excited because he gets to run the shut. Exciting days ahead for JJ and the boys. So anybody wanting to learn to rope or in need of some excitement come on over. Kashlee just points at the cows and says "hi,hi,hi" and "oooooh"!