Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So May is here.
I wasn't sure how I would feel about May. May has been on my mind since August. May Day everyone called it, I had no idea what that day would mean for me. You know those people who loose a limb and have phantom moments. Well I have been having those moments. The feel of a new baby in your arms, all scrunched up, the smell, and you are so important to the survival of that heaven sent baby. I can just feel him. We went to the temple the other day for my sisters first time. I know that he was there cause I couldn't help but cry. I wanted to be happy but part of me is still longing for him. The doctors say that I am fine after all the test I had done and that there had to be something wrong with logan. That is so hard, no answers. Not to mention all the bills I have now!! $1400.00 to be exact!! Their are a lot of other thing I could do with that much money. How about a vacation!!
Well I have been really trying to loose weight. I have lost 7 pounds,Not much but its a start. I have already gone down a size in my jeans. So I have alot to be happy for. I love my life, my kids, my awesome husband. I hate to be sad so am glad to replace May 1st for a happy day, my sister bridal shower. Young love!! I am so excited for her and the choices she has made, and to watch her grow up to be a awesome woman.
We had family pictures taken with JJ's family and this is one of my favorite!